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Your Digestive System

The story we’re about to tell is of stormy seas, acid rains, and dry, desert-like conditions. It’s an arduous journey that traverses long distances and can take several days. It’s one in which nothing comes through unchanged. It’s the story of your digestive system whose purpose is turn the food you eat into something useful — for your body!

Down the Hatch
It all starts with that first bite of pizza. Your teeth tear off that big piece of crust. Your saliva glands start spewing out spit like fountains. Your molars grind your pizza crust, pepperoni, and cheese into a big wet ball. Chemicals in your saliva start chemical reactions. Seemingly like magic, starch in your pizza crust begins to turn to sugar! A couple of more chews and, then, your tongue pushes the ball of chewed food to the back of your throat. A trap door…

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