Celebration of Doctors’ Day
First of July has been designated as Doctors’ Day in India. It is indeed
important that both doctors and patients be made aware of the existence of
this day and at the same time, of its relevance and significance in the larger
context of healthcare in this country.
Here is a little history as to why doctors’ day is celebrated on this particular
Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on July 1, 1882 at Bankipore in Patna in
Bihar. His career as a physician started in 1911 when he came back to India
from Bartholomew’s hospital in the UK having completed his MRCP.
Thereafter, he joined the teaching staff of Calcutta Medical College and later
moved to Campbell Medical School and then to Carmichael Medical College.
He dedicated his life to the Upliftment of Indian society, especially, the
Not only did he excel as a physician, he was an educationist, social reformer,
freedom fighter (joined Mahatma Gandhi in the Civil Disobedience
movement), leader of Indian National Congress and later chief minister of
West Bengal. Dr B C Roy passed away on July 1, 1962 on his birthday.
Thus July 1st was considered an appropriate day to be designated as
Doctors’ Day- a tribute to Dr B C Roy and the entire medical profession.
On 1st of July S. B. Devi Charity Home had celebrated this special day by
serving the ailing humanity by health check-up. This programme was
organized in association with Rotary Club of North Calcutta and North East
Calcutta Social & Welfare Organization.
It was a very special day for us as it was the first day of our General
Secretary becoming the President of Rotary Club.
Swami Bimuktananda Maharaj of Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram
inaugurated the programme. Our General Secretary Sekhar Chattopadhyay
spoke on various activities of S. B. Devi Charity Home. He elaborately
discussed on the various aspects of health check-up, prevention & proper
treatment. He also spoke few words for Rotary activities especially on
medical service to the community. Hony Secretary Rtn. Parimal Kumar
Chandra extended good wishes to the organization and assured them any
kind of help and service may be provided by Rotary. PP Rtn. Dr. Sujit Kumar
Basu (Who is also a member of our Governing Body) spoke about the service
of Rotary to the down trodden people of the society. He also mentioned the
kind of service provided to the needy like tricycle, wheel chair, artificial
limbs, cycle van and tube wells for safe drinking water for the village people.
A total number of 110 patients were checked in the camp. General screening
was done to assess their health status. Individuals who were found to have
any clinical problem were guided for treatment under proper clinician’s
supervision at S. B. Devi Charity Home. Those who were nutritionationally
deficient or obese assessed by their BMI were given proper counselling to
overcome the situation.
Blood Test, Random Sugar Test was done for 30 patients, ECG was done for
20 patients
The society owes a debt of gratitude to physicians for their contributions in
enlarging the reservoir of scientific knowledge, increasing the number of
scientific tools, and expanding the ability of professionals to use the
knowledge and tools effectively in the never ending fight against disease and
death. The society also owes a debt of gratitude to physicians for the
sympathy and compassion of physicians in administering the sick and
alleviating human suffering. On this day the common people take the
opportunity to thank all doctors all over the world.